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Author Topic: Optimierung Homepage/ Optimization Homepage  (Read 2225 times)


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Optimierung Homepage/ Optimization Homepage
« on: December 08, 2014, 08:39:01 PM »
Dear all,

here we can discuss all questions about the homepage.

First of all: Daniela, excellent work! Thanks Rene, as well. You are great.

I want to start with 3 points:

a) Tab "Unsere Kinder"
What do you think if we want to add:
> Patenschaft: Names (if pate wants it) and gifts from the "Pate" (since when, how long, etc)
(do good things and talk about that)

> Wishes: Something like "Du kannst mich unterstützen bei:" oder "Ich bräuchte Unterstützung bei"
(I think, for the user it would be nice to know, if the kids have some little things/wishes where they need some help)

> Button "Unterstütze Jyothi"
(with click on the button, an email to daniela (?) will be generated)

> Translation
Please let me know, if we need a translation.

b) Tab "Finanzübersicht"
Excellent idea.

-in Tab "Du möchtest helfen" we wrote "für das Projekt werben oder Flyer verteilen", perhaps we can make it downloadable. A good flyer would be also good for facebook.